ballon publicitaire impact de Montréal 1900
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Create the Buzz !

In all your events with outstanding solutions

Generate more revenues

By offering some innovative displays to your sponsors

Promote yourself

Be seen from afar, talk and interact with customers, where they are

Stand out  while exhibiting

Simplifying your life and saving you money without compromise

Illuminate your brand

With a wide range of backlighted innovative displays

You are now able to advertise on our wearable and nomadic displays

Some human billboards to boost your promotion and increase your visibility

Afficom Offers you a range of nomadic solutions worn by brand ambassadors who criss-cross the city displaying your marketing message and advertising. Whether on foot or by bike, our solutions get closer to your customers and allows you to interact with them.

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New: The Pixelman

A lot more than just advertising !

The Pixelman is a mobile digital advertising tool that allows you to interact with the public in the different and dynamnic way. Carried by brand ambassadors, it brings out your message and will allw you to be the center of attention whether at an envent, trade show or in the street. Let’s talk!

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Most of our visual displays are available for rental
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