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About Us

You grew up, so did digital display…



Afficom is a company that offers display and digital solutions for the industries of marketing, advertising and promotion.
Since 1992, we work with all companies that wish to communicate with their customers by providing a wide range of communication media and relevant content.

We advise and assist companies in managing their image among the general public.

Our Products and Services
Our products, built to your specifications, engage your customers in an interactive and personal conversation in which you can show the quality and value of your products and services.

We offer

  •      privileged access to latest digital technologies .
  •      consulting services to deploy on your content
  •      the production of your interactive content .




Afficom? What for?


Our products and services are used by major brands and advertisers from around the world:

  •      Arenas and stadiums
  •      fairs & exhibition halls
  •      showrooms
  •      Hotels,
  •      shopping malls
  •      bars and restaurants …