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Christmas Media Ball

Boulle Media Noel

Afficom offers a unique solution in Canada for Christmas, the Media Ball : a visual display solution that creates a huge buzz!

The media ball is a TV screen in a inflated balloon on which can display just about anything (videos, photos, advertiding, movie, etc)

Transform the Media Ball into a branded Christmas ball and display children’s movies…

His attractive power will maximize the impact of your messages or those of your sponsors.

Suitable for Christmas or any event, your ball can be dressed up with different customizable printed covers (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, competitions …)

The Media Ball can be freestanding, hanging or standing, and is available in various sizes and shapes. It can be deployed easily and rapidly.

The media ball is perfect for malls, office buildings, atriums, food courts and lobbies as both a long-term display or event marketing platform.