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Elevate yourself with this attention grabber. You will have a lot more than an above sign. Skyview is giant balloon with rear projection screen technology on which you can display any type of message. A Skyview unit hung on top of your exhibit will make you seen from all over a trade show floor.

Skyview can be hung, made standing when inflated with air or float when installed with helium. Float it or stand it where hanging fees are way above the sky and hang it where hanging fees are cheap. Same effect!

With Skyview for your next trade show, you will stand out…like never before!



Digital Signage is everywhere at trade shows. More and more kiosks include screens, because they allow a dynamic content delivery, which draws more attention.

The media is merely a tool signage that advertises all types of messages. Our ultra-bright screens can be interactive, allowing to deepen the relationship with your customers. Interactivity will allow your customers to learn more about your products and services, and allow you to disseminate information updated continuously and instantaneously.

Simplify your life with our free-standing kiosks. You can move them easily and customize them. Internet connectivity allows them to broadcast content specific to your customers based on time of day and even surf the web.

The media terminal is equipped with wheels allowing easy transportation on the site of an event. It also contains a wireless card for internet access.

In conventions, spread the various events of the day (conferences, workshops, lunch, etc..) Or post any information relevant traffic.

With touch screens, you will be able to respond quickly to questions from visitors.



For conventions or conferences, they reduce a huge amount of flyers that, anyway, become obsolete as soon as they are distributed. The tablets can make interactive programs by providing a wealth of information on speakers and topics.

Tablets can even stream video and send the summary presentations via email to who wants it. You might offer your participants to register for a mailing list to be informed of conferences on similar topics or by the same speaker.

For surveys, whether in a booth or registration table, they have always been popular to gather information and feedback from participants and visitors.

In the exhibits, the interaction can provide information to visitors and enriches the customer experience by providing relevant information and much deeper in terms of they want. Instead of distributing pamphlets expensive and often not very useful, give your visitors the opportunity to choose the information they want by sending it directly via email in real time.

The media tablet is an attractive tool that can be identified with the colors of a sponsor or your company. It has a stylish design and is available in freestanding model, which facilitates its use because you do not have to take your tablet

Portable Exhibits

Portable displays

Afficom offers a wide range of products for exhibitors and sponsors exhibitions. From media to banners, kiosks and portable giant flagpoles, our solutions reflect your brand image with the high quality of our impressions.

As exhibitors, you only have a few seconds to attract and impress visitors. So, stack the odds in your favor with remarkable communication tools.



Contact us and let us have the pleasure to meet with you to be able to offer solutions that will meet your needs.