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Deview Displays

Put your marketing message on the move!

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  • Boost your sales and differentiate the shopping experience
  • Establish a special relationship with customers by providing real time information
  • Generate revenue opportunities and partnerships
  • Quickly update you marketing messages
  • Communicate better


With its flexibility and ease of use, digital displays have changed the way companies can communicate with their customers.

A study by the Nielson Consumer Research shows that 80% of companies using digital signage have noted a 33% increase in sales.

60 % of decisions are made in-store.

Talk to your customers where they are:

      • Point of sales
      • In Congress, trade fair
      • In showrooms
      • In promotional activities
      • In public places, malls
      • Restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs

Afficom is the complete solution to your signage needs.

Our commercial grade high-definition kiosks enhance any environment with elegant styling and large personalized, LED backlit logos. Interactive Kiosks are great for advertising, merchandising, information and fact-finding applications.

Main features

      • Sleek Ergonomic Freestanding All Steel Digital Signage Kiosk
      • Commercial Grade HD Samsung LCD Display
      • Internet Ready Onboard PC with Leading Components from Microsoft, Intel, Seagate & NVIDIA
      • Custom Personalized LED Backlit Logo
      • Audio Output
      • Optional Interactive Single or Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Screen

Additional Options


  • Camera
  • Printer
  • Card Reader
  • Touch Pad
  • WIFI Router
  • Blue Tooth connectivity
  • Interchangeable LED Illuminated Graphic Panel
  • Coupon Dispensers
  • Dual Sided Displays
  • and much more.



Several models available :


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