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The TabStand

The tablet devices market is booming and tablets are more and more used in retail. They allow you to interact with your customers. You can display, in real time, any content. You are able to communicate better and educate your clientele about your products.

Considering that almost 60% of purchase decisions are made in-store and that two thirds of the customers say they visit stores for the client experience, digital signage makes sense.

Our Tabstand display unit is a great tool for in-store digital signage.

Key features

Personalized branding: Inclusive vinyl graphics or optional illuminated LED backlighting, help you raise brand awareness and enhance any event environment
Sleek ergonomic Designs: Super slim display, only 1.2 inch thick
Secure your tablet: tabstand securely locks your tablet inside the display and safely hides and stores the cable inside.

  • Advertise your sales and promotions
  • Broadcast information on your products’ uses
  • Inform your clients of new and upcoming products
  • Display your catalog
  • Show videos
  • And much more!

Capture the attention of your clients at the time and place when they are most prepared to purchase your product.


Afficom takes customer engagement to a new level with Deview, an ergonomic displays that features an interactive touch screen, available in both portrait and landscape orientations combined with a LED screen. These commercial grade high definition display kiosks, stand out with large personalized backlit logos, and are excellent for show rooms and other digital signage and event marketing applications.

Considering that almost 60% of purchase decisions are made in-store, retail digital signage gives stores the edge they are looking for over the competition.

Deview is available in seven (7) models that can be customized and built to be suitable to your requirements.

LED light boxes

Our LED ultra thin light boxes will enhance you show room environment with their sleek design. They will also add value to your posters and are one of the best ways to attract the customer’s eye and get your promotions and advertising noticed. Light boxes are offered in a comprehensive range of standard sizes or you can have a light box custom made to achieve the best solution for your illuminated display requirements. They allow you to change graphics in seconds.

Large format printing

Afficom can provide you with a full range of different high quality materials, soft and rigid and a wide range of complete services.