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Marketing Events

The media ball

The media ball is the perfect visual display to create a huge buzz around marketing events.

The media ball is a floating video screen that provides marketing event planners with an eye popping platform that will attract people’s attention from all direction giving sponsors a 360o branding and advertising power.

It will add value to your marketing events by captivating your audience.

It is installed quickly and easily, can be branded in different ways and is available in various shapes and sizes with up to three screens.

Media balls are also easy to carry. A 11 foot unit fits in a small duffle bags and weighs less than 25 pounds.

Dare the media ball in your next marketing event!

Portable displays

From a roll up banner stand to a portable exhibit, you will be able to set yourself up and be ready for the show in a click of a thumb. Easy to carry, our portable displays are lightweight and fold in a small duffle bags.

Also look out for our Giant flagpole allowing a 4 x 10 feet banner that you can see from far away and that is easily installed.


Deview is an interactive visual medium on which you can display any type of message.

Deview is an elegant ergonomic freestanding display coming with roller that can me moved easily making it the perfect tool for marketing events.

Deview comes with a wide array of optional technologies including Interactive Touch Screens, Card Readers, Keypads, Printers, Cameras, Networking, Coupon Dispensers, Dual Sided Displays and much more. These commercial grade high-definition kiosks enhance any environment with elegant styling and large personalized, LED backlit logos. They are great for advertising, merchandising, information and fact-finding applications.


TabStands for event marketing comes in a freestanding version and can be designed to fit any tablet device like the iPad, Samsung Galaxy or Motorola Xoom.

Personalized branding with vinyl graphics or optional illuminated LED backlighting help you raise brand awareness and enhance any event environment.

The TabStand has a sleek ergonomic designs with a super slim display, only 1.2 inch thick.

The TabStand securely locks your tablet inside the display and safely hides and stores the cable inside.