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Restaurants, hotels


  • Show your menu, communicate your on going or coming promotions
  • Display real time information such as weather, traffic, events, etc.
  • Help visitors find their way with the map of your site and a search engine
  • Display point of interest and places to visit in your area

Deview can also be used as a concierge service. Your visitors will be able reserve their place in restaurants, at the spa, etc.


Help your visitors find their way and eliminate useless frustration with an appropriate planned and simple signage system.

We can assist you in developing solutions well adapted tou your situation and in line with your budget


Eliminate the cost of reprinting menus.

You will be able to change the information, prices, specials, etc. all of this in real time. An item is no longer available….take it off.

Insert videos, pictures, welcome or whatever you think your customers should know about you.