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Shopping centers

The media ball

Bulle Média

The Media Ball is basically a TV screen in a balloon that inflated with air : give a extraordinary advertising vehicle to your retailers or sponsors.

Transform the media ball into a branded Christmas ball and display children’s movies.

Or transform the media ball into a soccer ball, basketball or tennis ball and get onboard the event of the moment.

The media ball can be installed fast and anywhere. From a diameter of 1.2 up to 4.5 meters, it will fit in available spaces.

Give a unique and unusual advertising space to your sponsors or your merchants: a multimedia display solution that allows you to broadcast any kind of information dynamically and original :

  • You will maximize the impact of your messages thanks to its power of attraction
  • Adapted for each event, your ball dress with different customizable covers (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, sporting events …)
  • The media Ball can be freestanding, suspended or placed according to your needs, ideal for personal designs through various shapes and sizes available.
  • Easy installation and rapid deployment, it adapts to the available space.
  • For shopping centers, promotional events, exhibitions, office buildings …

Bulle média


A well planned signage deployment will make life easier for all your visitors, and even for employees that spent too much time answering questions to lost visitors.

We can assist you according to your requirements and budget and, with our experience, we can be part of the brainstorming.


Deview is the perfect communication display for shopping centers.

Our interactive Deview will allow visitors to find their way just by the touch of their finger. Whether they are looking for bathrooms, food court, a store, a specific product or any other information, they can find it. Visitors also can be informed about the weather, traffic, news all of that in real time.

Digital screens are there to give information, as a way finder or to promote. You can display anything going from images, flash presentation, videos, games, surveys, etc. You can also use some of our applications to capture data.