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Tablet Floor Stand

Run apps and engage audiences with secure, eye-catching Tablet displays. Our tablet displays come in freestanding or desktop versions, and can be designed to fit the iPad, Samsung Galaxy and can be designed to fit others. Some of our models can be personalized with your logo prominently displayed on the front or with optional illuminated LED Backlighting. Learn more on how to integrate interactive tablet devices into your next trade show, merchandizing show room or event.

The Tablet Floor Stand

  • Boost your sales and differentiate the shopping experience
  • Establish a special relationship with customers by providing real time information
  • Quickly update you marketing messages

Main features

Tablet Stand FloorMediatab Floor stand :  An economical Ipad floor stand or Samsung tablet floor stand. Great for trade shows, showrooms or way finding

  • Height : 4714in
  • Base size : 12 x 15 in
  • Floor and table 2-in-1 Tablet stand floor
  • Designed to be lightweight and portable, the Tablet floor stand  easily assembles and disassembles
  • Landscape or portrait orientations
  • Power cabling can be run inside the head unit, through the stand and down to the base of the display stand
  • “Home” button, front camera restrict(pin-hole) or open optional
  • Special security screw to prevent thelf

Desktop Mediatab : Perfect for retail, showrooms, trade shows and corporate spaces where a moveable counter or desktop tablet display solution is required

  • Height : 12,2 in
  • Base size : 9 x 73in
  • Can be made to fit Ipad and Samsung galaxy tablets
  • Landscape or portrait orientations
  • “Home” button, front camera restrict(pin-hole) or open optional
  • Special security screw to prevent thelf

The Tabstand

  • Personalized Branding : Inclusive vinyl graphics or optional illuminated LED Backlighting helps you raise brand awareness and enhance in-store environment.
  • Sleek Ergonomic Designs : super slim display only 1.2” thick
  • Can be made to fit any Tablet Device (ipad, android, …)
  • TabStand Securely locks your tablet inside the display and safely hides and stores the cables inside
  • Easily Adjust your Tablet (for portrait or landscape orientations)
  • Wall mounted and desktop versions are available




With its flexibility and ease of use, digital displays have changed the way companies can communicate with their customers.

A study by the Nielson Consumer Research shows that 80% of companies using digital signage have noted a 33% increase in sales.

60 % of decisions are made in-store.

Talk to your customers where they are:

  • Point of sales
  • In Congress, trade fair
  • In showrooms
  • In promotional activities
  • In public places, malls
  • Restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs