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Who we are?

Afficom offers impactful visual communication tools that help companies stand out from the competition and draw attention to themselves. My name is Richard Quesnel and I Founded the company  in 1992 under the name of Canevas Concept. It then offered tailor-made textile products for commercial and industrial purposes. Since we were selling its products in the rest of Canada and the USA, the name was shortened to Cancept, which is not only shorter but bilingual.

With the advent of large format printing, a field closely aligned with the textile industry, Cancept shifted its focus towards the realm of visual communication. In 2007, this strategic direction prompted us to rebrand the company as Afficom, Creative Display Inc.

We now focus on street marketing digital display. 

Our Mission

Afficom’s mission is, as its name suggests, to offer creative and innovative solutions that allow its customers to distinguish themselves from the competition and ensure that they are the center of attention by literally catching the eye and public attention.


Whether you’re an event organizer, merchant, or exhibitor, feel free to contact us to discuss about your project and find out how Afficom can assist you in bringing it to life. Please fill in the form below or contact us directly at 1-877-787-0585

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