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Orbit mediaball

Orbit mediaball

Captivate your audience with a visual display solution that exerts an incomparable power of attraction. The Orbit Mediaball is a video screen in a balloon filled with air (or helium) containing a high-performance integrated video projector that allows you to broadcast your information in a dynamic and original way during your participation in any type of event.

The Mediaball can be installed completely independently, it adapts itself to the available space. The Orbit Mediaball can be freestanding, placed, suspended, or even floated to fit the available space and according to the needs of the sponsor. Its low weight allows it to be moved easily and quickly even during the course of an event.

In exhibition, it is a remarkable replacement for the eternal hanging signs. In events, it will give an extraordinary visibility to a sponsor thanks to its original form.

It’s a tool all in one because everything is completely integrated. The screen and the overhead projector are integrated so that it installs quickly and does not require the erection of supports for a screen and another for the projector. This gives it a definite advantage in terms of installation time and installation cost, as well as a large surface for customization

The Orbit Mediaball combines digital display and static display. Its screen attracts the eye and its membrane can be identified in the colors of a sponsor or an exhibitor giving him a 360 degree visibility.

It can be installed outdoors even in extreme conditions for temporary outdoor events or as long term indoor solutions.

A great multimedia dynamic display for all types of events.

Size: Our media globes are available in size ranging from 1.5 up to 5 meters diameter  It can be towering over an event, promotionnal space or a tradeshow exhibit. the madiaballs are availble with one, two and up to three rear projection screens

Branding: The medaball can be branded with decals on the white surface.

Cost effectiveness: Compare to some other multimedia displays, our mediaballs are easy to set-up. The installation is done quickly by one or two person.  

Portability: One unit fits in a carriyng bag. The weight of one unit range from 20 to 120 pounds depending on the size and the number of screens

Wow Factor: The presence of such a striking and unique promotional tool can create a “wow” factor, leaving a lasting impression on attendees. The large video screen grabs people’s attention

Mobility: Depending on your event setup, you can move the balloon to different locations throughout the event to maximize its impact.

Visibility: The sheer size of the mediaball ensures that it’s visible from a distance, drawing attendees’ attention to your brand or message.


Large branding space with removable graphics on the white surface

Integrated video projector

The housing unit contains a projector that will display the video on the rear projection screen

Rear projection screen

The orbit mediaball is available with one- two-or three rear projection screen. Screen size will depend on the size of the mediaballball

Weather condition

The mediaball can work outdoor even in extreme weather condition such as a snow storm and cold weather down to -25celsius

Floating installation

The mediaball can be deposit on a base or on the ground, hung from a ceiling or even float when inflated with helium (for units over 11 feet diameter).

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