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Exhibit stands

Simplify Your Trade Show Experience

Afficom provides you with exhibition solutions that not only simplify your life but also help you save without sacrificing visual appeal.

Our solutions are designed to seamlessly adapt to the specific type of exhibition you’re participating in. They offer versatility, lightweight design, and the unique ability to be reused and reconfigured endlessly.

Furthermore, our solutions come with efficient packaging, making them easy to transport and handle. They can be effortlessly assembled and disassembled without the need for any tools, and they require only a minimal number of spare parts.

Whether you opt for our customizable balloons, multimedia displays, or stands printed on sublimated fabric, the visual impact is maximized while keeping your costs to a minimum. Our goal is to make your exhibition experience as convenient and cost-effective as possible while ensuring a powerful visual presence.

Modular Exhibit Stand

With Panoramic H-Line, crafting a tailor-made kiosk is a breeze, thanks to our pre-assembled modules. This innovative solution not only guarantees an unmatched visual impact with its image-centric design but also encompasses all the essential features you require.

Panoramic H-Line is the ideal choice for individuals seeking a modular and adaptable kiosk, available for both purchase and rental.

Giant inflatable balloons

Using a personalized giant inflatable balloon atop your exhibit at a trade show can significantly enhance visibility and draw attention to your booth. The larger-than-life presence and eye-catching design make your booth stand out in a crowded event, effectively attracting attendees from a distance. This unique and memorable display creates a strong visual impact, helping to reinforce brand recognition and leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

Free standing lightboxes

Utilizing a lightbox as an exhibit display provides a sleek and modern presentation for your brand. The illuminated graphics or messages enhance visibility and draw attention to your booth, making it more noticeable in a crowded trade show environment. The dynamic lighting not only showcases your content effectively but also adds a professional and engaging element to your display, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and potential clients.

Popup Stand

A pop-up display offers a convenient and portable solution for trade shows, allowing for easy setup and transport. Its lightweight design and quick assembly make it a practical choice, saving time and effort during event preparations. The visually appealing and customizable graphics on a pop-up display effectively showcase your brand, products, or services, ensuring a professional and attention-grabbing presence on the trade show floor.

Tubular Fabric

A tubular fabric booth at a trade show provides a contemporary and versatile solution for exhibitors. Its lightweight and modular design allows for easy transportation, quick assembly, and adaptability to various booth sizes. The seamless, fabric graphics offer a clean and modern aesthetic, while the modular structure enables customization and reconfiguration for different events. This type of booth not only ensures a professional and attractive presentation but also facilitates a hassle-free and cost-effective exhibiting experience.

Trade Show Kit

Utilizing an all-in-one exhibition kit for a trade show streamlines the exhibiting process, providing a comprehensive solution in a single package. These kits  include essential components like pop-up displays, banners fitting in a containers that transform into reception counters. The convenience of having all necessary elements bundled together simplifies logistics, reduces setup time, and often offers cost savings compared to sourcing individual components. Ultimately, an all-in-one exhibition kit provides a convenient and efficient solution for exhibitors, who participate to many tradeshows