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A full line of creative displays for marketing events
What we do?


Real time interaction

Our wearable display solutions will increase the value of your sponsorship and engage your customers in an interactive and personal conversation in which you can show the quality and value of your products and services.


Increasing brand awareness

Get access to the newest, innovative and eye-catching ways to promote and showcase your brand. Our display solutions will simplify your life, grab attention and help create a buzz to make you stand out above the rest.

Multimedia displays

Create the buzz...increase business !

Multimedia displays bring people and the brand closer together. Dynamic, it stimulates and captures the attention of customers, whether at a point of sale or during marketing or promotional activities. With our solutions, you will be the center of interest, you will increase the visibility as well as the notoriety of your company. Whether you are an exhibitor, event promoter, retailer, you have products or services to sell and must constantly distinguish yourself from the competition. Our multimedia solutions will help you reach that target.

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Exhibit displays

Useful all the way

We know how much energy you invest in attending trade shows. All of Our different stands and displays are easy to install and transport, highlight your visuals and brilliantly reflect your brand image. They can be used for a variety of occasions. Whether it’s using a booth for an exhibition, at a press conference, sponsorship or even at a point of sale, we have the solution that will perfectly match your needs and budget.

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Wearable displays

Talk to customers where they are

Afficom offers unique mobile and wearable displays. They are advertising solutions worn or pulled by brand ambassadors who have the opportunity to talk to customers wherever they are on the street, in festivals or shopping centers. Our products are so unusual and innovative that they literally attract the eye and attention of people. Our mobile advertising solutions allow advertisers and agencies to reach a target audience in an original and effective manner and, foremost, in an economical way.

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Visual displays

To showcase your brand

Afficom offers a wide selection of displays for your showrooms, offices and points of sale. Our solutions will greatly highlight your products or services.  Combined with digital signage solutions, our illuminated visual diplays will increase your marketing effectiveness and reflect your brand image.

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Flags and canopies

For the promotion adventure

Afficom offers you a range of solutions that will allow you to be noticed during your next promotional activities. Used both indoors and outdoors, our products are adapted to withstand the weather and ultraviolet rays of the sun. We print our fabric by sublimation, giving to your visual and remarkable effect and which facilitates the maintenance since foldable and washable.

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