Wearable displays

Display solutions for promotionnal activities and street marketnig

 Create a “wow” effect !

Join the customer where he is!

Afficom offers wearable and mobile visual display solutions that are unique and impactful in attracting the attention of customers during your field marketing activities. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, our nomadic and mobile display solutions will allow you to stand out from the competition in a different, spectacular and original way.

Our solutions enable brand ambassadors to deploy, reach and interact with customers wherever they are. Whether it is with our Ewalk , a wearable multimedia balloon, or our other mobile solutions, our brand ambassadors can be deployed in high density environments such as events, concerts, festivals, sporting events, shopping malls, street marketing or field marketing.

These non-traditional media will allow you to establish an interactive and personalized communication during which you will be able to show the quality and value of your products and services. They will also allow you to collect privileged information about your customers. See the different solutions offered that can be used simultaneously or individually.

See how!!