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Adview media objects

3D objects larger than life

Adview is a visual communication display built and manufactured to suit your needs and type of use. It combines the power of digital signage with the physical representation of your product. We use a lightweight and durable material which allows us to design displays in any shape, and we are able to integrate regular or touchscreens displays.

Starting from a simple concept sketch, an existing item or a 3D CAD model, we will design and create a larger than life version of your design or product that will entice people to interact with it and leave them with a bold impression of your brand.

Ideal for showrooms, point of purchase, shopping malls, lobbies or events.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • WOW marketing effect
  • A display that attracts and captures the attention of the public
  • Wi-Fi connection

Main features

  • Adview shape imitates your product
  • Excellent finish
  • LCD high definition ultra-bright LED screens
  • Ability to integrate touch screens
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • The content of your messages controlled remotely or internally
  • Integration of various options: Card readers, bar code reader, printers…..

We create forms and functionality according to your needs. The only limit is your imagination!


October 31, 2017


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