LED inflatable mediaball

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LED inflatable mediaball

A retro-projection screen … in an inflatable balloon!

Afficom offers a unique and original type of screen that installs quickly and has a rear-projection screen that allows you to broadcast any type of content.

In addition, it is backlit by LED lights that change colors. This allows him to attract more attention or create an improved atmosphere.

The orbit LED mediaball is a balloon equipped with a multimedia rear-projection video screen with an integrated projector. The balloon is available in a diameter ranging from one (1) up to four (4) meters. Once inflated, you can project and broadcast your message, whether it is composed of still or moving images. It is also possible to broadcast live content.

Our portable projection screen inflates in minutes and can be hung up, drop down, deck or stage. It can even float if it is inflated with helium (possible on dimensions of 3.5 and 4 meters only).

It is a multimedia tool that is easy to use, install and transport because it weighs only a few pounds and fits in a carrying bag.


  • Indoor visibility at all times and outside in the evening
  • Easy inflation with a blower
  • Total weight ranging from 10 to 75 pounds depending on size
  • Integrated projector from 2600 to 4500 lumens depending on dimension

Useful for:

  • Bars and discotheques
  • The marriages
  • Product Launches or store openings
  • Trade shows Events

February 11, 2019


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