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The Pixelman

The Pixelman is an innovative street marketing display. Nomadic and wearable, Pixelman is a screen, attached on the top of the head of a branded messenger,  on which you can display any type of multimedia content and even live feed.  Pixelman works wirelessly (with a USB internet key or via a mobile router) and allows you to control your message.

You will be able to reach your customers where they are in a dynamic way. indoor or out, in trade shows, shopping malls, festivals, concerts, sponsorship events and any high traffic area.

Great for experiental marketing events, street and guerilla marketing you wil be abvle to engage and interact with consumers

This fully integrated internet mobile works with Android operation system and comes with a digital signage software


  • 24 inch screen
  • The rechargeable lithium will make it work approximatly 5 hours. It is possible to integrate a additional powerbank to go up to 8 hours
  • Digital signage sofware to display varable content
  • Totl weight of 18 pounds
  • The back of the Pixelman can be branded
  • Can be used inside or out, daytime or nighttime

Great For:

  • Product launching
  • Store opening
  • increase brand awareness
  • experiential marketing
  • Street marketing



May 16, 2018


Displays for sponsorships, Wearable displays