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Printed table cloth

Afficom offers full colour printed tablecloths for your promotional needs at a trade shows or any event. The tablecloths are used to dress up your table and can also hide bags, flyers or other promotional items.

The tablecloths are fully printed by sublimation process on polyester or extensible fabric according to the chosen model. We have three types of tablecloth.

  • Fitted tablecloth
  • Falling tablecloth
  • Stretched tablecloth

They are available for tables of 6 and 8 feet or even customized and can be used for indoor or outdoor activities.

  • A printed tablecloth is useful for:
  • Promotional
  • Experiential marketing activities     a
  • Exhibit in a  trade show
  • Under a promotional canopy
  • Golf tournament
  • Welcome table

Use your welcome table as a sponsorship display at any event by purchasing a custom printed table cloth and give high visibility to a sponsor and increase your revenues!


October 24, 2017


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