Promotion signage on wheel

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Promotion signage on wheel

Afficom offers a new mobile light panel on wheel  that you can move easily. This mobile backlite sign replaces very well a banner stand and knows how to stand out, thanks to its bright side.

It allows the insertion of two visuals offering visibility front and back. The mobile light panels are perfect for events and exhibitions.

An integrated rechargeable battery allows use up to 8 hours. She moves easily. During an event, you can give your sponsors increased visibility because the banners will be able to follow the participants where they are. It is also possible to put several of them together and to make a train of them.

The LED lights allow your message to be seen from afar even in the dark and this bright billboard will showcase your visuals beautifully.

It is also possible to integrate on the sign a variable display LED display portion that will scroll. Mobile illuminated signs can be used outdoors in light winds.

Thanks to the clip-on frame, the visuals can be changed in a few minutes. Your prints are also protected by a clear acrylic panel.


  • Backlit light box Backlite posters on each side
  • Poster Size: 24 inches X 58 inches
  • Battery with a battery life of 8 to 9 hours
  • Total weight of 12 pounds
  • LED light for all-weather visibility
  • Visuals replaced easily and quickly

Useful for:

  • Product launches
  • Store openings
  • promotional campaigns
  • As a media outlet in a city center
  • The events In front of a shop



February 5, 2019


Displays for sponsorships, Wearable displays