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Street Marketing Displays

Reaching the consumers where they are!

At Afficom, we offer a range of portable and mobile visual communication tools that are not only distinctive but also incredibly impactful when it comes to capturing the attention of your target audience during your marketing endeavors.

Whether you’re planning indoor or outdoor events, our nomadic and mobile display solutions are designed to help you break free from the ordinary and embrace a spectacular and original approach to stand out from the competition. Our solutions empower your brand ambassadors to effortlessly deploy, engage, and connect with customers wherever they are.

From our multimedia balloons equipped with screens to a diverse array of mobile solutions, our brand ambassadors can be strategically placed in high-density environments such as events, concerts, festivals, sporting venues, shopping centers, street marketing, or field marketing.

These non-traditional media platforms enable you to establish interactive and personalized communication that not only showcases the quality and value of your products and services but also provides valuable insights about your customers.

Explore the diverse range of solutions we offer, each of which can be used independently or in combination, to make your marketing activities truly stand out.

Backpack Balloon 

The backpack balloon, carried by a brand ambassador, is a highly effective advertising tool for promoting brands. It can be used both indoors and outdoors during promotions, street marketing, and experiential marketing campaigns. Its primary strength lies in its ability to grab attention and encourage interactions with potential customers, making it an ideal asset for field marketing efforts. This inflatable backpack balloon provides exceptional visibility, especially in densely populated areas like urban centers, festivals, and concerts, amplifying its impact during marketing campaigns.

Signman Backpack Billboard 

A backpack billboard is a mobile advertising display worn by a person, which effectively transforms the individual into a walking promotional platform, showcasing brand messages and visuals in high-traffic areas. Deployed in high-traffic areas, it can be a highly impactful and attention-grabbing medium for reaching a diverse audience.

Pixelman Wearable 

The Pixelman advertising screen is a cutting-edge, portable display tailored for field marketing, offering an engaging platform to connect with your customers during street marketing and promotional campaigns. Its unique format not only reaches your target audience wherever they are but also fosters immersive environments for meaningful conversations.

Ewalk Videoball Projection Screen

Afficom presents an exclusive, on-the-go communication and advertising solution – the Ewalk, an ingenious one-meter diameter balloon equipped with a 180-degree multimedia rear projection screen. This remarkable innovation offers a distinctive way to engage with your customers, enabling you to project and broadcast your message, whether it’s comprised of static or animated visuals, in a truly original fashion.

The Giant floating balloons

Giant floating balloons in street marketing events are oversized, attention-grabbing inflatables that are carried by brand ambassadors and float above ground to draw attention to a brand or event. These eye-catching balloons, often fully custom printed, provide a high-visibility and engaging element that enhances brand recognition, captures the interest of passersby, and contributes to the overall atmosphere of the event.

Advertising Trailer For Bicycle 

Our advertising trailer for bicycles is a mobile marketing tool designed to be attached to a bicycle, showcasing brand messages, products, or visuals as it travels through high-traffic areas or events. It offers a green and eye-catching way to reach diverse audiences, promoting a brand’s message while promoting sustainable transportation.

Mediaman: the wearable video screen display

This new digital display is a wearable and mobile video screen used for field marketing and promotion. This video advertising screen allows you to broadcast videos during street marketing and promotional operations. This is a new advertising platform that, thanks to its original format will allow you to reach your target audience where it is and you will create an immersive environment to engage in conversation with it.

It is a mobile digital signage solution installed on the back of a brand ambassador who walks around to reach the customers where they are.

Lollipop illuminated signs

Our Lollipop illuminated signs can be a useful tool for businesses and marketers looking to enhance their visibility and create a memorable presence in outdoor or public spaces. They are particularly popular for promoting businesses and events such as grand openings, sales, and special promotions.

Backpack beachflags

The backpack beachflags are an economical way to attract people’s attention during  promotional activities either indoor or outdoor. Worn by brand ambassador, these wearable displays will give you the opportunity to spread your message around and interact with your customers wherever it is. The backpack flags can also be used as information center since easily visible from a distance.